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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some FAQs that may help you.

Why Start A Work From Home Business?

Working from home can save you money on gas, childcare, and other commuting costs if you’re an entrepreneur or business owner. And if you’re thinking about starting a business, working from home is a great way to get your business off the ground without incurring the overhead costs of renting office space. Working from home gives you a better work-life balance and more productivity.

The Benefits of a Home-Based Business are too many to list here, so I’ll list a few. There’s no commute; you can multitask; you control your schedule; no office/store rent to pay; tax benefits using your home; lower startup costs; and no office politics.

    Why Make Personal Use Products?

    Printable products are great when you want a custom list, to print out your own journal pages, or for things like habit trackers, chore charts, and planners.

    Printables can be coloring pages, kids study sheets, puzzles, workbooks, checklists, and so much more. The convenience of printing what you want when you want is one of the best features of printables.

    But printables can also be a source of income for those who create and sell them on platforms like Etsy, Shopify, or Creative Market, Design Bundles, Creative Fabrica, and our own website.

    Why Do You Write Romance Fiction and A Variety Of Nonfiction Topics?

    I have a deep passion for romance as a literary genre, and enjoy the creative challenge of exploring the complexities of relationships and love while crafting compelling stories and characters in my romance fiction writing,

    I also enjoy the creative process of researching and writing nonfiction books, uncovering new insights and perspectives on issues related to all types of subjects. It is satisfying to see my ideas come to life on the page.

    I have a solid knowledge base and experience in product design, selling, and marketing, which makes me well-equipped to write fiction and nonfiction books on the subject.

    Writing in both fiction and nonfiction genres allows you to explore different facets of these fields to engage with different audiences who may have different interests and needs.

    Writing in both fiction and nonfiction provides greater flexibility in my writing career, allowing me to pivot between different projects and genres as needed and to reach diverse readerships.

    What is PLR?

    PLR (Private Label Rights) are products in which the creator sells a license that allows the buyer to use it in part or in full. PLR product is an intellectual property license granted by the author through sale to the buyer.  Buyers have the right not only to use the purchased product but also to make the product their own and resell it under their own name.

    There are multiple platforms where you can sell your products made from PLR products.

    What is Personal Use?

    Personal Use means use that is not commercial but for an individual’s own consumption or enjoyment. It is not to be shared in any way to another party. 

    PU (Personal Use) means that the person who purchased the product has the right to use it for their own needs but not for a business or for profit.

    A Personal Use product can be printed on their home computer or any outside source as long the printed material is only used by the buyer.

    What are Printables?

    Printables are a type of digital products that customers can print out themselves at home or using a printing service.

    The reason people love printables so much is that, with one download, they can make as many copies of a design as they want

    And if your business is printables, there are a variety of types and it is a low cost business to start.